Rocky Horror Picture Show With The Denton Delinquents Shadow Cast!

October 7, 2023
October 7, 2023
9:00 pm
11:59 pm
Located at:
Salem's Historic Grand Theatre

Join us at Salem's Historic Grand Theatre for a ONE NIGHT ONLY Rocky Horror Picture Show event with the Denton Delinquents Shadow cast!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be shown on the screen and "actors" perform along with the movie, complete with costuming, make up, props, and all your favorite dance numbers!

The audience joins in by yelling call back lines and throwing specified props at particular times during the movie, you can also dance along with the Time Warp if you know it!

Have no idea what the props are are? Our lovely usherette will sell you a baggy with everything you need once you arrive!

Once seated, be ready for a crazy time! Our Emcee will initiate you into the wonderful world of Rocky through Rocky virgin "sacrifice", share the rules with you, and give you some helpful hints about the movie.

Some people dress up, some don't, it gives you an excuse to wear whatever you want no matter what it is, though lingerie, anything sexy, costumes, cross dressing or dressing up like your favorite character, or even along with a theme night (if our cast is having one) is highly encouraged!

Bring your friends, tighten your corsets, and loosen your libidos . . . this will be a show too fantastic to miss!

We must remind you that even though we do allow all ages to our show it is a rated "R" movie and the pre-show itself as well as the call backs can get a little wild, Parental Discretion Advised.