The Spirits of Salem's Historic Grand

November 17, 2023
November 17, 2023
8:00 pm
9:30 pm
Located at:
Salem's Historic Grand Theatre

Join us for a one night only screening of a video produced by Luna Paranormal about the mysterious activity within Salem's Historic Grand.

About Luna Paranormal:

Luna first experienced her psychic medium abilities at the tender age of 10, with the sad foretelling of her own father’s death. Little did she know that this event, coupled with her genuine intrigue with the afterlife, would be the catalyst to her career of paranormal investigating. Growing older and abilities maturing, fate would have Luna living in many haunted homes where seeing and “reading” spirits became a terrifying way of life. Out of fear from these mysterious abilities, she chose to shun them until she could no longer deny their presence and weight on her destiny to help others.

Fate would also have it that a trip to Cassadaga, FL almost 2 decades later would lead Luna to a psychic mediumship class for “fun”. This class is where Luna finally learned the full depth of these ‘odd’ & unexplained occurrences over the decades, and with the help of an experienced psychic medium mentor, absorbed that her abilities were much stronger than she imagined. No longer could she deny them and had to do something about it. She took years to study, practice and learn from multiple psychic medium mentors and paranormal investigators to become well rounded in the paranormal/ spiritual world.

Shortly after, “Lunar Paranormal” was launched on TikTok and made a massive impact on the paranormal community. Her psychic medium skills, kindness, and true love to help others were put on full display, going on to read hundreds of clients loved ones’ and offer spiritual guidance in their everyday lives. The positivity returned by the community (as she likes to call it, the ‘Paranormal Family’) was immense, and has since blossomed into additional avenues for Luna to help others.

Whether it be “Luna’s Dead-End” on YouTube where she documents her paranormal adventures, or “Spooky Luna’s Podcast” where she discusses the trials and tribulations as a female psychic medium/ paranormal investigator, Luna wants nothing more than to use her abilities to help others worldwide. And just when you think “she can’t possibly do more”, the Paranormal Family has shown overwhelming support for her Medium Mentorship classes and ‘safe space’ Discord channel where she helps others learn how to safely develop and use their abilities.

Keep an eye out for her on a new channel coming to YouTube (coming Fall 2022) and her brand-new Blog “Luna’s Dead-End” with even more in-depth details of her life as a professional female psychic medium and investigator. It’s safe to say this is just the beginning for Luna in her career.